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    Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik (Review)

    The real story isn’t half as pretty as the one you’ve heard.  So begins Spinning Silver. I had heard many good things about Naomi Novik’s Uprooted for me to put it on my to-read list for this year. But as these things go, I came across this more recent release of hers on the Boston Public Library’s Lucky Day shelves and couldn’t resist picking it up. Strong leading ladies, magic, fairy-tale retellings–what more does one want. The start was slow, but I enjoyed the gradual unfolding and introduction to the character of Miryem, supposedly the main protagonist, as she and her…

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    The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden (Review)

    “I have plucked snowdrops at Midwinter, died at my own choosing, and wept for a nightingale. Now I am beyond prophecy.” The last in a series are hard books to get right. More fail than not. So, I was certainly apprehensive about reading the last book of a trilogy I had loved until then. But, as it turned out, I shouldn’t have been. Katherine Arden nails it with The Winter of the Witch. In the book preceding this, Vasilisa “Vasya” Petrovna has accidentally caused the destruction of a large part of the city of Moscow by releasing the mythical firebird;…

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    Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones (Review)

    I have to admit it took me too long to discover Diana Wynne Jones. But, the important thing is that I did (thanks, Neil Gaiman!). And I ended up reading a non-fiction book by her first – The Tough Guide to Fantasyland – which was all kinds of funny and inventive. Here was someone who had a sparkling sense of humour, who was intelligent and sharply observant and insightful about the world, about us humans, who wasn’t above the occasional tough love and sharp wit. Most importantly, someone who believed in the power of fantasy and imagination, and understood it.…

  • Stravaganza: The City of Masks - Mary Hoffman
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    Stravaganza: City of Masks … A book review.

    STRAVAGANZA: CITY OF MASKS BY MARY HOFFMAN Mary Hoffman is a British author and critic (born in 1945) who has written over 90 books for all age-groups. She is a true ‘Italy’ enthusiast and this shows deeply in her Stravaganza series. ‘City of Masks’ (set in an alternate version of Venice) is the first book in the Stravaganza series that started out with the intention of being a trilogy. It is followed by ‘City of Stars’ (set in an alternate version of Siena), ‘City of Flowers’ (set in an alternate version of Florence) , ‘City of Secrets’ (set in an…

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