Hope is Anushree “Anu” Nande’s superpower. Arsenal Football Club, perhaps irrationally, dominates many of her waking (and sleeping) hours; the rest she spends studying, freelancing, reading, writing, hoarding books, working through creative demons with sport and art, and asking herself what Coach Taylor would do.

She is a Mumbai-born writer who has studied and worked in the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States, and currently works as a publishing professional in Boston. Her microfiction collection, 55 Words, was published by Underground Voices in 2015 and her other work (fiction, essays, football pieces, poetry) can be found in a range of online and print platforms. Anushree is a senior editor and writer at Football Paradise, an award-winning website for longform articles about football, hosts a monthly newsletter featuring in-depth conversations with storytellers, and is an active member of Boston’s literary and publishing community.

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