55 WORD FICTION: the art of creating a complete short story in exactly 55 words. Anushree Nande’s collection, published as part of LA-based Underground Voices is a collection of 46 stories compiled into an entertaining and fast read.

“Anu Nande has done something which, so far as I know, has never been attempted before – write a series of short stories, each only 55 words long. Elegiac, joyful, nostalgic, yearning, no matter: each subject gets equal treatment, like “a brief promise of a lost fairytale”. Glimpses, fragments, miniatures, cumulatively, a portrait of a life. ” (Andy Martin, author of Reacher Said Nothing)

“Ms Nande’s beautifully composed vignettes creep into your imagination like seeds, where they blossom into a rich forest of full-blown stories. She captures moments, snatches of memories, and turns them over gently with her delicate prose; she runs her fingers over them, tracing the edges of pain, grief and loss; then she twists them in the light, and they shimmer and sparkle with joy and delight.” (via a 5 star Amazon review by Batmandela).

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