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Writing in 2016

2016 has been another good year for me and my writing, and I’m grateful to all the platforms that were willing to publish my work. From flash fiction to short stories to prose and found poems to football pieces and book reviews, there’s a bit of everything in there.


  1. Capote’s Christmas. Published on Thresholds (http://thresholds.chi.ac.uk/capotes-christmas) – a recommendation of Truman Capote’s short story, A Christmas Memory
  2. One of the featured writers for Ink In Third’s Feature Friday series (https://inkinthirds.com/2016/07/22/featurefriday-anushree-nande)
  3. Mirror Mirror on the Screen:What Fairytale Adaptations Say About Us. Published on Huffington Post (https://goo.gl/1Zclnz) – a look at fairytales, their history, their place in our lives and communal consciousness, and how evolving cinematic adaptations of the material says more about us a society than it does about the source stories
  4. The Power of Words at the Jaipur Literary Fest. Published on Huffington Post (https://goo.gl/JNqhFS) – a discussion of the themes brought up at the 2016 Jaipur Literary Festival by the likes of keynote speaker, Margaret Atwood, Colm Toibin, Cornelia Funke and others, and how writing and reading and stories in general will always find an audience and fill a larger human need
  5. 4 Upcoming Film Adaptations of Childhood Classics to Hit the Screen in 2016. Published on Huffington Post (https://goo.gl/Ilaj0R)
  6. Top of the World by the Carpenters. Published on Stereo Stories (http://www.stereostories.com/top-of-the-world-by-the-carpenters) – a short memoir piece linked to a song/the memory of a song

Book reviews

  1. Night School – Lee Child (https://goo.gl/jlcfL9)
  2. A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness (https://goo.gl/VJ4HWR)
  3. Supporting Arsenal is a Funny Old Game – Dave Seager (https://goo.gl/Urzbto)


  1. Music and Silence. Published on Five 2 One Magazine (http://five2onemagazine.com/2490-2) – a prose poem inspired by W.G. Snuffy Walden’s theme song for Friday Night Lights
  2. The City of Shadows. Published on UnLost Journal (http://unlostjournal.com/the-city-of-shadows)- a found poem using snippets from Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s The Shadow of the Wind
  3. Untitled. Published on Ink In Thirds, Issue 1 (https://issuu.com/inkinthirds/docs/issue_1) – a three line poem

Short stories

  1. Remember Me. Published on Commuterlit (http://commuterlit.com/2016/01/monday-remember-me)
  2. Imperfect Snowflakes, part 1. Published on Commuterlit (http://commuterlit.com/2016/03/wednesday-imperfect-snowflakes-part-one)
  3. Imperfect Snowflakes, part 2. Published on Commuterlit (http://commuterlit.com/2016/03/thursday-imperfect-snowflakes-part-two)


  1. Football Paradise were awarded the judges choice award for Best International Football Blog at the Football Blogging Awards held at Old Trafford, Manchester in November 2016 (https://goo.gl/D0vaS6)
  2. Nick Hornby suggests being a Gooner requires patience as social media reaches Fever Pitch. Published on Gunners Town (https://goo.gl/8MGYDT)
  3. Bend it like Tanvie Hans. Published on Football Paradise (https://goo.gl/UJiIkH)
  4. Wales, Together Stronger: A Lesson in Unity. Published on Football Paradise (https://goo.gl/LDa2o7)
  5. A Tale of Two Chelseas. Published on Football Paradise (https://goo.gl/CTMcHP)
  6. 20 Years of Arsene Wenger. Published on Football Paradise (https://goo.gl/rtakfW)


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