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    In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri (Review)

    “A new language is almost a new life, grammar and syntax recast you, you slip into another logic and another sensibility.”—Domenico Starnone Do you find this to be true? I’m fluent in Marathi and English, conversational in Hindi, and have been learning German and Spanish where I have different levels of comprehension and speaking skills. I worked in Spain for 9 months and have spent enough time in Germany during visits to know what it means to immerse yourself in a foreign language and sometimes even start dreaming or thinking in snatches of that language – and I do find…

  • Articles,  Books,  General,  Literary,  Reviews

    Us Against You – Fredrik Backman (review)

    “People will say that violence came to Beartown this summer, but that won’t be true, because it was already here.” Beartown, which I read last month, was my first book by Fredrik Backman and I glowingly reviewed it on here. Soon after, I was excited to learn that the author had planned a trilogy and that the second book was already out. It should tell you something when I devoured this in two days as well. The book picks up where the other left off. Beartown, the small, seemingly insignificant, ice-hockey-obsessed town in the Swedish wilderness, is reeling from everything…

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