• Bindlestiff by Wayne Holloway
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    Bindlestiff by Wayne Holloway (Review)

    A crumpled boot, a worn-down heel, a sole with a hole where the sun pours through when Frank holds it up for inspection. It is with this rather ordinary image that Wayne Holloway begins Bindlestiff. Frank proceeds to fix the hole with a knife, some rubber, and glue. The only piece of almost throwaway information that clues us in to this being anything but ordinary is the date. 2036. Frank is Marine Corp vet Frank Dubois, a forty-something black man journeying from Los Angeles to Detroit seeking redemption, and 2036 is a derailed, dystopian version of the future of the…

  • Les Miserables
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    Les Miserables (Review) 2012

    A few confessions before I begin this review: A)    I’m not even midway through the original book yet, having only read the abridged version back in school. But I do know the characters and the general plot and story points. B)    I have not seen the stage version of Les Miserables but am a fan of musicals having seen The Sound of Music, The Lion King and The Phantom of the Opera at West End. That said, I’m not even remotely an expert in the field. C)    If you are not partial towards musicals or musical theatre, stop reading right…

  • The City of Swords - Stravaganza series - Mary Hoffman
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    Stravaganza: City of Swords by Mary Hoffman. (A book review)

    This isn’t as detailed as the review of the first book because it’s hard to repeat that without resorting to spoilers! (Check out my feelings and thoughts about the other books in the series, here) Laura (Isabel and Ayesha’s friend from City of Ships) is the new Stravagante. She is a self-harmer, and a small, hand-crafted Fortezzan dagger is her talisman. The steadily increasingl level of awareness amongst the growing number of the Barnsbury Stravaganti is immediately established without wasting any time. This awareness soon percolates into other people in their world which only makes the ‘secret’ more special. It…

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