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    Texas Forever, Six: Why Friday Night Lights still means so much to me

    (This was originally published on Sabotage Times back in 2013, but I’ve since edited it. I’m overwhelmed by the continued number of comments on the piece by fellow fans from around the world. Goes to show the impact of this series and how time and place and culture doesn’t matter when it comes to something as universal as being human) Texas Forever, Six. It doesn’t mean much when Tim Riggins says it to Jason Street (best friend, star quarterback, jersey number 6) in the pilot when you barely know the characters. But the same thing uttered by Riggs (and brother…

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    Growing up and the perks of being a wallflower

    This article of mine was originally posted a few years ago on a website that is no longer online. It is a sort of companion for this which I wrote for Sabotage Times (its title is misleading but that is on the then-editor not me!). So what better post to commemorate Throwback Thursday during an ongoing YA-themed month on the blog? Fair warning though – this piece has more quotes that I normally prefer to include in one, but I blame Stephen Chobsky for writing something that is so quote-worthy 🙂 (And don’t go just by the ones that have been…

  • The Place Beyond The Pines
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    The Place Beyond The Pines (A film review)

    The Place Beyond The Pines is (for all its flaws) poetically haunting. It is depressing and heart-breaking. Are people capable of change? Can cycles be broken? One moment can change your life and the lives of those around you. Derek Cianfrance returns with another engrossing narrative following 2010’s brilliant Blue Valentine. Starring Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes and more, this is stunningly ambitious film that though doesn’t quite pull it off, should be lauded for its sheer scope and scale. Three storylines intersect over a linear narrative as lives collide, choices are made and fates sealed in Schenectady, New…

  • Trouble With The Curve
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    Trouble With The Curve (Review)

    There are mainstream films that surprise you, delight you and find fresh perspectives on tired storylines, and then there are those that fail to throw off the shackles of cliche sentimentality. Trouble With The Curve falls into the latter category. There’s nothing new, nothing completely unexpected and yet the film is an enjoyable experience. The main problem is the paper-thin narrative that uses all the cliches in the sports-movie book. An ageing baseball scout Gus Lobel (Clint Eastwood playing yet another cantankerous old man with a soft, well-concealed centre) is slowly losing his vision and goes on a road-trip for…

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    50/50: Review.

    When you read the words ‘movie about cancer’ you don’t normally think uplifting. And that’s what surprised me about 50/50. I was initially apprehensive about watching it because of the content but this film and its characters soon won me over. It’s a balance of comedy and drama that the narrative gets right more often than not, making it one of the best films of 2011 – definitely one of the better, non-melodramatic movies I’ve seen about a terminal illness. The story is fairly straightforward and the plot basic, this is a character-centric piece that ultimately banks on its actors…

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