• The City of Swords - Stravaganza series - Mary Hoffman
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    Stravaganza: City of Swords by Mary Hoffman. (A book review)

    This isn’t as detailed as the review of the first book because it’s hard to repeat that without resorting to spoilers! (Check out my feelings and thoughts about the other books in the series, here) Laura (Isabel and Ayesha’s friend from City of Ships) is the new Stravagante. She is a self-harmer, and a small, hand-crafted Fortezzan dagger is her talisman. The steadily increasingl level of awareness amongst the growing number of the Barnsbury Stravaganti is immediately established without wasting any time. This awareness soon percolates into other people in their world which only makes the ‘secret’ more special. It…

  • The Stravaganza series - Mary Hoffman
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    The world of Stravaganza.

    (How gorgeous are these covers?) Imagine a parallel world to our own. Only that world is still in the 16th century and in the land known as Talia, a version of our very own Italy. Imagine being part of a group of Stravaganti – fellow time-travellers from our world (modern-day England) and Talia – who are working together for a united aim. That of saving Talia from the clutches of the Di Chimici family, all the while trying their level best to prevent the same Di Chimici  from finding out their secret, travelling to our world and using modern advances…

  • Stravaganza: The City of Masks - Mary Hoffman
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    Stravaganza: City of Masks … A book review.

    STRAVAGANZA: CITY OF MASKS BY MARY HOFFMAN Mary Hoffman is a British author and critic (born in 1945) who has written over 90 books for all age-groups. She is a true ‘Italy’ enthusiast and this shows deeply in her Stravaganza series. ‘City of Masks’ (set in an alternate version of Venice) is the first book in the Stravaganza series that started out with the intention of being a trilogy. It is followed by ‘City of Stars’ (set in an alternate version of Siena), ‘City of Flowers’ (set in an alternate version of Florence) , ‘City of Secrets’ (set in an…

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