The scariest moment is always just before you start. (Stephen King)

This is something I wrote for a character/narrator/point of view writing exercise during my undergraduate degree.

On some days more than others, we all need to believe more than ever in the longstanding power of good and everything that is pure. Today is one of those days. A day when you are tested to the point of breaking down, when you are reminded that if the Universe wants you to learn something, it wont give up even if you think it has. To be reminded of the fact that you are resistant to confrontation and reminded that one way or another. slowly or fast, you are meant to overcome it. If not today, then atleast you’re a step closer tomorrow. It is a humbling thought and an electric one at the same time. To feel powerless against injustice and an encroachment to your personal and private space is bad enough – but not standing up for yourself and letting yourself get stepped on or pushed around is worse; when the only thing standing in your way is an inherited fear of face-to-face confrontation. Sometimes it is a crime to assume that all people are decent to you as you are to them. Sometimes enough is enough and you got to take the bull by its horn and embrace your fear. You might still fail, but there is an equal chance that you might not, even if you end up just a few steps ahead in the right direction than before. Some people are not worth getting upset, angry or annoyed over, they are not worth your peace of mind or sanity. You are. And that is one of life’s biggest struggles – how to deal with that at minimum damage to yourself.

I’m reminded of the Robert Louis Stevenson quotation –

“You cannot run away from weakness; you must fight it out … or perish. And if that be so, why not now, and from where you stand?”

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